EW Guessed It!

Once again, it’s time for SLAMonline’s hottest new weekly feature, wherein Lang and Sam try to guess what this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly will be…

AIM IM with Sam Rubenstein and Lang Whitaker.
Sam Rubenstein: are we doing this?

Lang Whitaker: Oh yeah.

Lang Whitaker: Got stuck proofreading.

Sam Rubenstein: This is the first EW Guessed it in a while.

Sam Rubenstein: Two weeks ago it was NBA related and we missed it.

Lang Whitaker: Wasn’t it last week?

Sam Rubenstein: Eva Longoria 2 weeks ago.

Sam Rubenstein: Last week was Jay-Z.

Lang Whitaker: So that’s two NBA covers in a row.

Sam Rubenstein: True. I guess he’s a team owner.

Lang Whitaker: The world has missed Ew Guessed It

Sam Rubenstein: Yes. I would never have guessed Jay in a million years.

Lang Whitaker: Whatever we guess today could end up on the news in Minneapolis

Sam Rubenstein: That is very possible. I wonder how that got all the way there.

Lang Whitaker: Ratings, Sam, ratings.

Sam Rubenstein: Yeah, they’re bored of the Twins playoff run and the Vikings being 2-0

Sam Rubenstein: They want the “opinonated and respected” SLAM magazine

Lang Whitaker: Aiight, let’s get to it. You said you have an idea for this week’s Entertainment Weekly cover?

Sam Rubenstein: Yeah, and it’s kind of weak.

Sam Rubenstein: Dancing with the stars.

Sam Rubenstein: Emmitt!!! Y’all can’t catch 22!

Lang Whitaker: Not a bad idea…kinda tough for a cover, though. Who would they put on there, Tom Bergeron?

Sam Rubenstein: I don’t actually watch the show, but it seems to be getting lots of coverage.

Lang Whitaker: It gets good ratings, too.

Lang Whitaker: It’s also the start of the new TV season, so I was thinking maybe Survivor: Race Wars or whatever it’s called. Or maybe CSI?

Sam Rubenstein: It’s a strange time of year cause they did the fall TV preview and music preview already and there are no movies

Lang Whitaker: Ohhh…I might have it…what about Matthew Perry and that new Studio 60 show? Can’t go wrong with a Friend on the cover.

Sam Rubenstein: Very possible, although they had a mini feature on it already

Lang Whitaker: Plus he could talk about his plastic surgeries and addictions and all that stuff

Lang Whitaker: (allegedly)

Sam Rubenstein: This is a tough call. Not that we’ve been right about them at all since we started keeping track.

Sam Rubenstein: Whats up with that DiCaprio-Matt Damon movie?

Lang Whitaker: Good idea…I think it’s a few weeks away. Jackass is out this weekend. Could Johnny Knoxville and those clowns get a cover?

Sam Rubenstein: Well… probably not. Borat?!?!

Lang Whitaker: I think that’s in November

Lang Whitaker: All the Kings Men? Flyboys?

Sam Rubenstein: flyboys looks like they spent A LOT of money to make.

Lang Whitaker: It’s by the people that made Independence Day. That means it will be AMAZING.

Sam Rubenstein: And you might be on to something with King’s Men. Maybe a Sean Penn and Jude Law cover.

Sam Rubenstein: for the ladies

Lang Whitaker: That’s a little too, er, masculine for me

Lang Whitaker: OK, so…final guess?

Sam Rubenstein: I’ll go with the Fly Boys movie, which I know very little about.

Sam Rubenstein: They can’t do dancing with the stars so soon after project runway.

Lang Whitaker: I’m going with Matthew Perry

Lang Whitaker: I’ll go look it up now…

Lang Whitaker: Good grief

Sam Rubenstein: Yes?

Lang Whitaker: Well, there’s no picture of it online, but listed under Cover Story it says: “Battlestar Galactica”: Inside TV’s next great cult hit
If you’re already into this sci-fi series, you know it rivals “Lost” and “24” among TV’s best. If you’re not, catch up with our preview of the new season

Sam Rubenstein: Good thing I cancelled my subscription… which runs out in January.

Lang Whitaker: They must be trying really hard to lose readers.

Sam Rubenstein: Wasn’t battlestar a cult hit back in the 70’s?

Sam Rubenstein: This is a remake, right?

Lang Whitaker: Yes. I think it was a movie in the 70s.

Sam Rubenstein: It was one of the best parts of the tour at universal studios.

Lang Whitaker: EW’s obviously really trying hard to draw in readers in their 50s.

Sam Rubenstein: This saddens me.

Lang Whitaker: Me too. I miss EW. I miss it a lot.