Farewell 2008

by December 31, 2008

by Konate Primus

Khalid put up such a great year in review I couldn’t even play myself and try to out do him so I did something a lil different I took the the def poetry SLAM approach . Snapp ya fingers play ya bongos and try to feel me on this one.

Well 08, it’s that time again much like the 21 others before its time for you to say goodbye.
Though you came and left like the rest, you stand alone in a class by yourself.
You have been life changing to me
I don’t know how 09 will ever compare
Yeah you started out rough on me but I needed the push
1st I broke up with that chick thought she was the one but you figured different
but like the champ that I am I post and pivot 
I done seen some wild things, almost ended where the ghost visit
But another force pulled me back.
History made you special and that can never fade to black.
KG got his ring, Bron and Kobe restored the respect. Keeth and the foil girls got their silver and barrack….
That man just delivered.
How can I forget me, I got my first chip.
I’m coming back hungrier than ever so this time I want some dip.
Shaq and J-Hov getting old got these young boys thinking they soft
But when J dropped that BROOKLYN WE GO HARD they knew their efforts were a lost cause.
Common and ye only had together like one track
That’s whack!
Electric hip hop is that ish right now
Everybody and the they mama want the T-pain  sound
The gremlin had 1.5 hot bars on a milli, dropped his album and in a week he sold a milli.
Jeezy and T.I held the A down
While Luda dropped a good one but it fell short of the crown.

Oooh eight you were grrrrreat! as if I stole you from Tony the tiger himself but like all pretty broads you come with so much baggage.
Bernie Mac wasn’t scared of death and it came and took him to heavens beyond the sky
Isaac was a bad mother shut yo mouth until the reaper walked on by.
He tried to grab Uncle Pete but his spirit is too strong
Told the lord “I gotta see Marty, Carlton and K make the Olympic team, gimme some more time it wont be that long”.
Heath ledger put all his eggs in the box office not knowing it would make his next home office a box.
Ye lost his girl his moms and his mind.
Hol on mr westeven the deepest scars heal over time.
These are the pains we experienced together and I still love you 08 and I will never forget because of all those things.

But its time to say goodbye and see whats awaiting in 09
Lets see if we could get KG another Ring,
Me some chips with dip
And bring Hip hop lots of dope music.
Barrack keep your word and I’ll be fine
08 was there year of the grind now 09 is time to Shine!