FIBA Dancers Banned from Turkey’s Games

Due to cultural and religious reasons, the host country for the World Championship tourney has told the dancers to halt their show. Reports the AP: “The Red Foxes have been told to stop performing in games involving the host country because their risque costumes and routines are offensive to the nation that is nearly entirely Muslim. Islam prohibits women from exposing their skin in public. Basketball’s governing body said Wednesday the ban was not its decision. Secretary general Patrick Baumann said he wants entertainment to be part of the games, but ‘if it needs a little bit of adjustment that is fine with us.’ Performers wore long pants Wednesday during a game between the United States and Iran. Iranian officials had turned their backs when the dancers, who usually wear tiny shorts or skirts, performed in earlier games. The Red Foxes, a professional dance team from the Ukraine, will still perform at other games in Ankara. ‘The dancers bring much fun and joy to fans watching games and help to create a vibrant, happy atmosphere in the arenas,’ Baumann said.”