FIBA to Propose Olympic 3-On-3 Basketball

by August 15, 2012

Three-on-three basketball in the Olympic Games? Hmm, yup. FIBA, the international governing body of the Olympics, is planning to propose the new event, with hopes of implementing it as early as the 2016 Rio Games. More details, via USA Today: “Secretary-general Patrick Baumann said Saturday that his group planned to propose it to be played as early as the 2016 Rio Games. Three-on-three, the game played in driveways, on playgrounds and around the country during the annual Gus Macker tournaments, debuted in the 2010 Youth Olympic Games. After rankings determine the top teams worldwide, Baumann said, each nation would be responsible for creating a format to determine which team it would send to the Olympics. Baumann reasoned that three-on-three would allow more countries to experience the Olympics and help FIBA expand basketball’s global popularity. He said smaller basketball nations regularly send teams to the three-on-three world championship.”