Filmmakers Seek Crowdfunding for Doc Series on Evolution of Women’s Basketball

A couple of independent filmmakers are looking for your help in funding a documentary series that touches on the evolution of Women’s basketball. You can find more info on the film and its purpose below. For those interested in learning more or would like to cooperate, visit

From the filmmakers:

Independent filmmakers Ms. Hargrove and Patrick Alphonse are turning to the Internet to raise funds for their latest feature film project, Concrete Rose, a
documentary about Women’s Basketball. With funding as the first major obstacle to getting any film off the ground, current economic conditions don’t make the job any easier. Filmmakers have to become more innovative in their fundraising tactics, and the independent filmmaking community has embraced sites like, and NLAB


In line with NLAB (Never Leaving Athletes Behind) Sports guidelines, sports related projects have a set number of days to raise funds. NLAB a crowd funding site dedicated to all things sports. With a Flexible campaign you’ll keep funds you raised, but be charged a fee of 5% of your raised funds Whether the project reaches their goal or the project receives some funding NLAB releases funds rasied so the project can proceed. Ms. Hargrove and Patrick Alphonse Concrete Rose Documentary has a 28­day fundraising window, from start to finish. The allotted budget ($100,000 US) needs to be raised on or before March 16, 2015.


When asked about why NLAB (Never Leaving Athletes Behind) Sports was appealing, Ms.Hargrove noted, “the ability to spread the word quickly online to sports fan across the globe, and keep them updated on the status of the project is invaluable.” An added advantage for artists is NLAB Sports’ merchant partner, which enables each project the convenience of receiving funds from anywhere in the world.


The Concrete Rose Documentary, will reveal the history of triumphs, struggles and accomplishments within women’s basketball. A feature­length documentary, C oncrete Rose will use stylized interview portraits of the men and women who are the games trailblazers to tell a universal story about women’s basketball. Thematically organized around on the court play that reflect a wide range of human emotion and experience, the film seeks to reveal a larger more complex portrait of our shared love for basketball.


The film will be shot on location all over the country and overseas. Ms. Hargrove will be shooting on a hybrid 2 camera HD Canon 7D. If the film is successfully funded, Ms. Hargrove and Patrick Alphonse expects to deliver the rough cut before the end of the year. To learn more about the film, readers can visit the project’s pitch page here: