Flip Saunders ‘Expects’ Kevin Love To Remain With Timberwolves

by June 02, 2014

Kevin Love’s trip to Boston this weekend has fueled speculation that he could be dealt to the Celtics this summer, but T-Wolves President of Operations Flip Saunders tried to silence some of the noise yesterday. From the Boston Globe:

‘The last I knew Kevin was under contract with us, and I expect him to be playing for us next year,’ Saunders told reporters in Minneapolis on Sunday. ‘I don’t really dictate where guys go on vacation or what they do. They can go wherever they want to go.’


With regard to the teams that are interested in Love, Saunders said, ‘I know there’s a feeding frenzy out there from a lot of teams. Unfortunately, they have no say. I plan on Kevin being here.’


Saunders also said Celtics fans should calm down.


‘They’re the same fans who thought they had Tim Duncan,’ he joked, a reference to the 1997 NBA Draft lottery, where the Celtics were surprisingly leapfrogged by San Antonio, which landed the top pick and Duncan.


‘They still think they got Tim Duncan in the draft. I’m not really sure, but the last I looked he was playing for San Antonio, Old Man Riverwalk.’

This photo won’t help Saunders’ case.