Florida Teenager Hit By Celebratory Gunfire After Game 7

by June 23, 2013

One of the worst aspects of a professional sports franchise winning a championship is there’s generally multiple incidents like this in the time immediately thereafter—fortunately, 15-year-old Brandon Reid will be OK after what took place Thursday night. Via the AP: “A teen watching NBA Finals postgame coverage in South Florida was hit by what police believe was celebratory gunfire. Fifteen-year-old Brandon Reid says he was watching Miami Heat basketball players celebrate their world championship Thursday when a bullet came through his mother’s sliding glass door and grazed his skull under the ear. … Police say they think the bullet came from celebratory gunfire prompted by the Heat’s win. South Florida authorities routinely warn people about the dangers of firing into the air to celebrate holidays or other occasions. Reid is from the Atlanta area and was visiting his mother in Miramar. His doctors say he’ll make a full recovery.”