Fluid In Knee Bothering Andrew Bynum

by June 03, 2010

As reported by Andrew Kamenetzky: ” A day after reporting no progress in his injured right knee, Lakers center Andrew Bynum said Wednesday the fluid he had drained two days earlier had returned soon after the procedure. ‘It didn’t really help,’ Bynum said of the action, which is designed to alleviate the pain of a torn meniscus.  ‘As soon as I drained it, about 12 hours later, all the fluid came back. … It wasn’t really a good procedure.’ Coach Phil Jackson didn’t sound particularly surprised by the outcome. ‘Whether that worked or not, it was a procedure that was, you know, tried, attempted,’ Jackson said. ‘Whether it was successful in keeping his knee not swollen over this period of time, you know, that may not happen.’ Bynum took part in a few drills during Wednesday’s practice but missed a scrimmage in lieu of getting treatment. He reported no additional pain as a result of the latest swelling. ‘It’s about the same,’ Bynum said. ‘It’s going to be there, when I come down from jumping, and push off laterally, but I’ll be all right. Muscles kind of shutting down due to the swelling. It’s tough to jump and tough to do everything up to your maximum level.'”