Foot Locker Kicks off #GreatnessDoesGood Campaign to Help Hurricane Maria Victims

Foot Locker’s Week of Greatness is still on the way. Tons of upcoming sneakers and gear will be featured in the annual WoG beginning on November 18.

But the Week of Greatness has evolved to include Foot Locker’s new #GreatnessDoesGood campaign, an in-person initiative to help others.

“At Foot Locker, we believe that greatness is not only about what sneakers you wear, it’s about what you do while you’re in them,” said Dick Johnson, CEO and President of Foot Locker, Inc. “This year, instead of bringing together the biggest stars in sports to create our well-known, humorous ads for the annual Week of Greatness, we are bringing global sneakerheads together to commit and champion Acts of Greatness.”

#GreatnessDoesGood, Foot Locker says, is centered on helping Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico. Besides donating food and water, Foot Locker’s opening donation bins in 1,650 of their stores.

“Helping Puerto Rico overcome the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria is a cause that is very near and dear to my heart,” Carmelo Anthony said via press release. “Foot Locker’s generosity throughout the Week of Greatness will undoubtedly have an impact as the island continues to rebuild and recover the many items, including clothing and shoes, that were lost. I encourage everyone to join me in donating any unworn pair that you can to help those in need in Puerto Rico through the #GreatnessDoesGood campaign.”

“I’ve partnered with Foot Locker before but this year’s Week of Greatness campaign is special because I get the opportunity to do something that’s important to me which is support the community and help those in need,” said Damian Lillard. “Later this week I’ll be working with Foot Locker on my ‘Act of Greatness’ in Portland, talking with teens about respecting each other and themselves, and spreading the #GreatnessDoesGood spirit.”

“Carmelo” and “Damian” are two of the NBA “stars” that appears in this year’s WoG commercials. Foot Locker tapped lookalikes to portray the League’s biggest names, while guys like Lillard, Kristaps Porzingis, James Harden, Anthony, Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis are actually on-the-ground, lending a helping hand where it’s needed. Watch Foot Locker’s new commercials in the videos above and below.

Videos courtesy of Foot Locker