For Old Time’s Sake: Dennis Rodman

by August 20, 2010

THE WORM…. Say what you want about Rodman’s off-court antics, this madman is the greatest rebounder in the history of the NBA. If you disagree, please bombard me with Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Shaq, etc.comparisons in the comments section. Rodman could barely hit a free throw and his J was about as silky as your grandmother’s (WNBA, D1 grandmas excluded) but he did have a career FG% of .521 which is incredibly efficient. He averaged 13 boards per game over his career, including 19 in the ’91-’92 season. Keep in mind this guy was 6’7″ 210lbs going up against 7-footers every night. Granted, Rodman probably scared 90% of them but still… G.rebounder.O.A.T. —– *BOX OUT*


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