Former-Bama Player Collapses, Hospitalized

Tragic news for Mikhail Torrance, an undrafted guard who recently signed a contract to play in Israel. Torrance was rushed to an Intensive Care Unit after collapsing at the start of a workout on Friday. The ex-Alabama star was passed over by NBA teams because of concerns about his enlarged heart. Fanhouse first reported Torrance’s collapse:

“Maccabi Tel Aviv, the Israeli powerhouse with whom he signed earlier this summer, Torrance wanted to work out at the acclaimed IMG Academy, where he also worked out before the 2010 NBA Draft. Friday was his third day there, and he looked and sounded excited before the workout began. There was hop in his step.

“Then everything turned tragic. Torrance had just finished his first shooting drill and was heading toward the sideline for a drink when his knees buckled and he crashed to the floor, hitting his head. Hard.

“Within seconds, one trainer was by his side, then another and another in a busy training facility that was quickly cleared. He moved a few times as they tried to keep him conscious, but that didn’t last long. Paramedics arrived within a few minutes and started pumping his chest, trying to revive him. Torrance had stopped breathing. They also tried using the defibrillator to shock his heart. He was not breathing when he was taken from the gym.

“He was rolled onto a stretcher while CPR continued to be administered, then whisked to nearby Blake Memorial Hospital in Bradenton, where he was treated for an hour before being transferred to Sarasota Memorial Hospital.”