Frank Vogel Says Miami ‘More Intelligent’ vs Roy Hibbert Than the Knicks

by May 24, 2013

In the Eastern Conference semifinals, ndiana Pacers head coach Frank Vogel thinks the New York Knicks weren’t very smart against his big fella, Roy Hibbert. The Miami Heat, meanwhile, have managed to make Vogel look pretty dumb so far. Per the NY Daily News: “Following a game in which the Pacers surrendered 60 points in the paint against Miami — failing, in the process, to duplicate the rim-protecting efficiency from the prior series against the Knicks — Vogel said it was a contrast of smartness. ‘They had a more intelligent attack at the basket than New York did.’ That won’t sit well with Mike Woodson. Vogel was specifically talking about the way Miami was adept at dumping off the ball in the paint, and how that helped Chris Anderson score 16 points on 7-of-7 shooting. Against New York, Pacers center Roy Hibbert was a one-man basket plug while blocking 19 shots in six games, limiting Tyson Chandler to a depressing series. Against Miami, Hibbert was deemed a mismatch by Vogel and removed from the game for the final possession because he couldn’t guard Chris Bosh. But as Vogel was contrasting schematic intelligence ahead of Friday’s Game 2 in Miami, he was also being grilled for a substitution widely second-guessed and considered, well, unintelligent. […] ‘If there was a mistake made, I should take ownership. I don’t know if there was a mistake,’ Vogel said. ‘I feel like the plan when you have five 3-point shooters in the game is to go with a smaller, quicker containing lineup, especially with two seconds on the clock. If you just force a second move on LeBron, the clock runs out. The plan was sound. The execution of it wasn’t.'”