Friday, July 7

by Lang Whitaker

Once the season begins, we’re going to use this spot to pick a game of the night. For now, though, just thought I’d highlight random TV viewing opportunities.

FRIDAY: Nothing really jumping out at me for tonight. Braves/Reds is on, but I really think the move tonight should be to get out and see Pirates of the Carribbean.

SATURDAY: The 40-Year-Old Virgin — Debuts on HBO tonight at 8 EST. I saw it once in the theater and haven’t seen it since, so it’s probably worth watching again.

SUNDAY: The World Cup Final — France and Italy get it on Sunday afternoon, with what should be a memorable match. One country plays nothing but defense (Italy), while the other plays defense like they’d rather be playing offense (France). For my money, the funniest play of the Cup was when Barthez went to make that save against Portugal and instead of catching the ball he just threw it up into the air like a hot potato. Also, “Chapelle’s Show: The Lost Episodes” debuts at 9:00, and a new episode of “Entourage” airs at 10:00. Should be a great day of viewing.