Frustrated Omer Asik to Rejoin the Houston Rockets

by November 18, 2013

After asking for a trade and going AWOL for a few of days, frustrated center Omer Asik will rejoin the Rockets and should be available for Tuesday night’s game against the Boston Celtics. Per the Houston Chronicle: “Totally, I understand where he is coming from – his frustration, sharing the floor,’ Dwight Howard said. ‘I understand it’s tough for him. The only thing I can do is be his friend off the floor and help him anyway I can. I understand its a tough situation for him, but we are all family and we have to learn to fight through frustrations.’ […] ‘It would be a frustrating thing,’ Chandler Parsons said. ‘He had a great year last year and to bring in someone over him has to be a little frustrating. It is part of the business and you have to be a professional about it and come to work every day. He is on the Rockets so he has to act like that and come to play and come to win. Yeah, he has been fine with me. I stay out of it. Obviously he is frustrated right now, but as his teammate I just try to be encouraging and making sure his head is in the right place because we are going to need him throughout the season. Greg Smith goes down, Marcus Camby has surgery so he is going to play at lot of minutes so I don’t know what he is so upset about. He has to come out here, perform and be a professional about it.’ […] Asik has not played the past two games and was not on the bench in Saturday’s game after his frustration with his diminished role on last week’s road trip led to him to say he was not ready to play and to ask that he be traded. In the team’s daily meeting Thursday in New York, coach Kevin McHale spoke about players stepping up to contribute in any way possible after a tough overtime loss in Philadelphia in which Asik played just four minutes, according to an individual with knowledge of the meeting. Several players, particularly Pat Beverley and Chandler Parsons, spoke. At one point, McHale asked center Greg Smith if he was ready. Smith said he was, and McHale then asked Asik if he was ready to play that night. According to the person familiar with the conversation, Asik said he would not be ready to play that night and soon met with his agent.”