Gasol Unhappy With Media

by June 06, 2010

It was reported yesterday that Gasol took some verbal swipes at Kevin Garnett. Now Pau Gasol wants everyone to know that the comments were taken out of context. Let’s turn to the Boston Globe for more: “Pau Gasol was a bit surprised by the reaction to his comments on Kevin Garnett, saying the Celtics forward had lost some ‘explosiveness.’ Yesterday after the Lakers practice at the Staples Center, Gasol was asked about facing Garnett over the years and how his and Garnett’s game had changed in his career…Today, he was a bit miffed by accounts that he was ripping into Garnett. ‘I understand (the) media try to create situations for whatever reason, create attraction,’ Gasol said. ‘But again, sometimes I extend my answers too long. Maybe I shouldn’t do that. I should be shorter with my answers and don’t give away just anything so it can’t be manipulated that way and used. But it is what it is,’ Gasol continued. ‘It’s the Finals. It’s going to be a little bit of chaos. We’ve just got to focus on doing whatever it takes to win Game 2. That’s my main focus.'”