George Karl: Manu Ginobili, Ben Wallace are the Tim Tebows of the NBA

Tim Tebow is the NFL’s biggest (and most divisive) story this season, and he’s on the minds of everyone, including Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl, who says that Manu Ginobili and Ben Wallace remind him of the Broncos QB. From the Denver Post: “I’m just happy for the energy of the city – the city is pumped,’ Karl said. ‘I’m kind of into coaches who take out-of-the-box chances. And it seems like they’re having fun with it, that they’re enjoying it. There’s a juice.’ As for Tebow, Karl said: ‘I’ve always felt that leadership by words is overrated – leadership by example, approach and attitude is what people follow. And passion and enthusiasm is contagious. There’s an energy that comes with that. He’s a guy who believes in himself, has a spiritual belief.’ Asked what NBA players remind him of Tebow, Karl took a moment and then said: ‘With the will to win, Manu Ginobili is the type of guy, he has this exuberance of – we’re going to win the (darn) game with effort, passion and commitment. He’s the first guy that came to mind. A guy who wins it on his heart more than his skills – Ben Wallace. He was an undersized, defensive player who can’t score, but won a championship.'”