George Karl ‘Sad’ No Denver Nuggets are Getting All-Star Buzz

Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl laments that none of his players are getting serious All-Star consideration this year. Karl, if he had to choose Nugget to play in the big showcase, says Andre Miller (whom Karl adores) should get the nod. Per the Denver Post: “Portland came to town with a basketball debate. Is its point guard, rookie Damian Lillard, worthy of being an all-star? He would be the first rookie guard to make an all-star team since Michael Jordan. And while Karl entertained that query, he had one of his own. ‘I think it’s sad. I don’t see anyone mentioning any of our guys,’ he said. ‘We get a couple more wins this week, and we could have one of the better records in the West. We don’t get much mention.’ Asked which of his players he deems worthy for consideration, Karl paused for a second. ‘That would be really difficult to say,’ Karl said. ‘I’d probably say Andre Miller. From the standpoint of efficient minutes, Andre’s given us as efficient minutes as anybody. But I think Ty (Lawson) and (Andre Iguodala) and (Danilo Gallinari) all have had moments. And I’m excited, because I think they all are getting stronger and more confident, and their consistency is getting at a higher level. But because of their up-and-down moments, it’s going to be difficult for them to get any recognition.'”