George Karl to Work on Keeping Carmelo Anthony

Karl will have two jobs next season: head coach of the Nuggets, plus their lead recruiter. From the Denver Post: “Karl still has not formally spoken with Anthony, as the team attempts to keep the NBA’s third-leading scorer a year ago in town. But when he does, Karl will have this message to convey. ‘To me, my job is to, anytime I talk to Melo … it’s to convince him that we won 53 games last year and I think we’re very capable of being a lot better than we were last year,’ Karl told reporters. ‘Some of the bombs that hit our team injury-wise and my situation, I think we kind of need to stay together, in my opinion. It’s pretty easy: Stay together and figure it out. Right now, I don’t think Melo is going to be calling me for advice. Fortunately, it’s not my job to probably call him to talk about that situation. My job is to talk about basketball.'”