Giant LeBron James Billboard Could Return to Cleveland

by September 17, 2014

Regular-sized LeBron James isn’t the only one returning to Ohio next season. His iconic, 10-story “WE ARE ALL WITNESSES” Nike billboard could also soon be dominating downtown Cleveland once again.

According to the Plain Dealer, the newly-proposed mural would depict LeBron and the ever-present Swoosh in front of an adoring crowd of Cavs fans:

Images submitted to the Cleveland City Planning Commission on Tuesday show James with his arms stretched, once again, across the eastern face of the Landmark Office Towers, the Sherwin-Williams headquarters complex at the back of Tower City.


The LeBron banner would replace a brightly toned sign depicting Cleveland landmarks and bearing the paint company’s logo.


The new image harkens back, of course, to the iconic Nike Inc. banner of James that greeted drivers entering downtown until mid-2010. Crews tore down that display after James announced he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to play for the Miami Heat.