Gilbert Arenas Says Goodbye to Fans in DC

by December 20, 2010

The man who became arguably the franchise’s most beloved player ever bids adieu to the fans and the city he once owned. Bullets Forever has the quotes: “I know it didn’t end like I would have liked. I had a great time playing in Washington – they made me feel like a rock star while I was here. I wish I could have took them further than the second round. I wanna thank Mr. and Mrs. Pollin, Ernie, Eddie, every teammate I went to war with on that basketball court. Thanks [sic.] you for believing in me. I wanna thank Mr. Leonsis for giving me a chance to regain some basketball respect back in my career, and I hope nothing but the best from him and the Wizards. Last but not least I want to thank the great fans of Washington. It was an honor playing for you guys for 8 years. I hope when it’s all said and done. I entertained you when you entered those doors at the MCI/Verizon Center and can forgive me as a man for the mistakes I’ve made.”