Gilbert Arenas Willing to Take Backseat to John Wall?

by September 15, 2010

The WaPo is hearing that Gil is in great shape, and for the time being, sounds ready to share the spotlight with his rookie teammate:  “Arenas is taking on a different role with the Wizards this season, with the arrival of John Wall forcing him to become a complementary star. How Arenas will respond to the attention Wall receives is still a concern to some within the organization, but but a team source says he genuinely respects the talents of the 20-year-old point guard. He also seems to have changed his attitude about playing for the Wizards after meeting with Leonsis and speaking with/playing with Wall in the past month. Multiple league sources report that Arenas is back in much better shape than he was at this time last year, which makes sense because he is another year removed from his third knee surgery. He’s slimmer after packing on a few pounds in the days leading up to his sentencing and he also had another summer working under Tim Grover in Chicago. From talking to people, that 50-game suspension was probably a blessing in disguise since it forced him to get the rest he needed since he was unnecessarily pushing his knee beyond the limits last season, according to sources, for the sole reason of trying to prove that he was back … With Wall running the show, Arenas will be freed from the burden of balancing making decisions for the team and going for his. Now, Arenas can simply focus on scoring, which plays more into his natural instincts. With Arenas moving to shooting guard, he also won’t have to worry about defending the quicker point guards in the league, ones like Tyreke Evans, who gave him so much trouble last season. Yes, the 6-foot-4 Arenas will have to contend with shooting guards who are much taller and stronger, but those bigger guards will also have to deal with him on the other end.”