Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis at His Lowest Weight Since the 8th Grade

by December 06, 2013

Orlando Magic forward Glen Davis isn’t the man he used to be — he’s much smaller now. According to “Big Baby”, he hasn’t been this light on his feet since he was a teenager. From the Magic’s website: “When Davis fractured the fifth metatarsal in his left foot last January on an innocent-looking play and subsequently had to endure two surgeries and 10 months of inactivity, he knew that he had to drop some weight off his massive 6-foot-9 frame if he was going to continue playing in the NBA. This wasn’t exactly an overnight revelation for Davis, who has always lived life as a big man and has been in pursuit of ways to shed pounds for years. Fresh off a spectacular 33-point effort spread over 50 minutes Tuesday in Philadelphia, Davis will take the Madison Square Garden court Friday night as slim as he’s been in, well, almost a lifetime. ‘Eighth grade. Yeah, really, it’s the lightest I’ve been since the eighth grade,’ said Davis, seemingly shocked himself. ‘This time it’s consistent (with the weight loss). There have been times when I’ve lost a lot of weight, but I’d just gain it right back. But as far as consistently staying at this weight and staying down, it’s been since the eighth grade when I was this thin.'”