Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis: King of Charges

by November 17, 2010

Big Baby has absorbed so many charges this season, that some of his teammates want them added to the box scores. From the Boston Herald: “The NBA doesn’t list league leaders in taking charges, though it’s inconceivable that anyone could have more at this stage than Glen Davis. The Celtics reserve forward heads into tonight’s game against Washington with 16 in his first 10 games, for a hefty 1.6 average. ‘I do believe we need to start adding the charge to the stat sheet,’ said Ray Allen. ‘It seems like he’s getting two or three a game. So you know he’s going to have your back. He’s a great weak-side defender. When you think of guys who have a great effect on the game, charges is a category that nobody really talks about. A charge is giving up your body and sacrificing for your team. One of the philosophies is who is more important – who’s giving up more, the chicken or the pig? The pig is definitely that guy, because he’s giving up his whole body. Now I’m not calling Glen a pig, but he does give up his body.'”