Glen Davis Had Left Shoulder Pop Out of its Socket

According to Orlando Magic big man Glen Davis, the same shoulder he dislocated nearly a year ago popped out its socket, but “Big Baby” gutted it out on Sunday against the OKC Thunder. Per the Orlando Sentinel: “Davis dislocated the same shoulder almost one year ago, on Dec. 19, 2012. Davis left the game clutching his shoulder, and he was checked on the bench by athletic trainer Keon Weise. Davis returned to the court with 13.0 seconds left and set a screen on the final possession, which ended in an airball by Davis. ‘I’ll be all right,’ Davis said. In a follow-up question, Davis — who recently returned from a 10-month absence because of a fractured left foot — was asked whether having his shoulder pop out was disconcerting. ‘Yeah,’ he said. ‘But I’ve been out of basketball too long to let a little boo-boo hurt me as long as I can use it. It’s going to be sore. You don’t play the game 100 percent. I don’t know a player that plays the game 100 percent. As long as I can move it and it doesn’t stop my motion and I’m not going to hurt it even more by playing, I’ll be fine.'”