Golden State Warriors Owner Looking to Land a Superstar

by January 21, 2011

The new boss in Golden State wants Warriors fans to know that he’s on the lookout for a big-time player. And, oh yeah, no one on the roster is safe from becoming trade bait. The Mercury News reports: “The theme: The Warriors are now an active, antsy franchise, just dying to make the move that would change everything and not afraid to contemplate dealing away their best players. ‘I’m certainly biased toward doing something — strongly,’ [Joe] Lacob said Thursday during our long discussion in the owner’s clean corner office at the Warriors facility. ‘What I would really love to do is to pull off the deal to get a superstar. There’s one or two of them out there.’ Denver’s Carmelo Anthony would be the main one, and Lacob admits Anthony is probably headed elsewhere … Lacob said he loves the offensive firepower of the Warriors’ Monta Ellis-Stephen Curry backcourt, but had questions about the duo’s ability to hold up defensively. ‘I really like those guys as individuals, and I like them as players,’ Lacob said. ‘But I have to be honest, it depends. If we got offered a great situation, would I break it up? Yes.’ The owner called Ellis ‘our core, franchise player,’ and agreed that Curry has not played to the standards of last season. ‘Does that mean that Curry would be traded, or more likely to be traded than Ellis? Not necessarily,’ Lacob said. ‘It really depends … This is all dependent on what you’re going to get in return.’ But the difference from just last summer is unmistakable: Curry used to be beyond trade talk, even for Lacob, and he’s not now.”