Goran Dragic on Playing for the Knicks: ‘I Think So it’s a Possibility’

by December 22, 2014

Free agent-to-be Goran Dragic is keeping all of his options open for next summer, and says the New York Knicks will be given serious consideration.

The Phoenix Suns point guard has enormous respect for Phil Jackson, and the Knicks’ losing ways aren’t scaring him away.

Dragic says he’s not ready to make a decision, and that he’s happy with the (15-14) Suns.

Per the NY Daily News:

“Oh yeah, definitely,” said Dragic, who earned All-NBA third-team honors last season. “You know Phil, he was a great coach. He won so many titles and he was coaching so many great players that of course it’s interesting and I would love working with him. Because probably he’s making all the moves — I’m not sure — but he knows what the team needs and what direction the team needs to go. In the past probably, he makes some decisions, who the Lakers bring in and the Chicago Bulls and (he) did an amazing job.”


Dragic, 28, also dismissed the idea that with every loss, the idea of playing for the Knicks becomes less attractive. The Knicks are now 5-25. […] “Every season is different so it doesn’t matter if they have a bad season,” Dragic said before Saturday’s game. “You know, I went through that process with Phoenix and we won only (25) games like two seasons ago. It’s tough but you need to be strong and every year is different. Like one year you can win (25) and then we won (48) games (last season) so it doesn’t matter.”


“I think so it’s a possibility, but not just New York,” Dragic said. “I’m a free agent. I want to explore my options but so far I’m really happy in Phoenix. They give me a lot. I like the city. I like the fans and I like the organization, so it’s going to be a tough decision to make, but I’m going to start thinking of that at the end of the season.”