Gordon Hayward: ‘I Have Decided to Join the Boston Celtics’

by July 04, 2017

Following a day of confusion and uncertainty, Gordon Hayward made it official: he’s headed to Beantown.

The 27 year-old All-Star chose the Celtics over the Jazz and Miami Heat.

Utah says they’re “going to compete” despite losing their best player in free agency.

Gordon explained his decision and thanked Jazz fans in a piece for The Players’ Tribune:

My meetings with all three teams during this process — Miami, Boston and Utah — were just unbelievable. They couldn’t have been more impressive. Each meeting left me convinced that the team I’d just met with was the right fit. And even after I slept on it last night, while I was leaning heavily in one direction … I still wasn’t 100-percent convinced about what I wanted to do.


What’s crazy is — before I even had a chance to make my decision, before I had a chance to sit down and write this, and before I even had a chance to talk about it with the people I love — I was already reading reports about where I was going. And I guess that’s just the way things work, in 2017. But I’m sorry it had to work out like that.


This was a life-changing decision for me and my family, and something we took really seriously. And from the very start of this process, one thing stood out as important: I knew that I wanted the fans and the organizations to hear my decision directly from me.


After seven years in Utah, I have decided to join the Boston Celtics.