Gordon Hayward on His Max Deal: ‘No Pressure Now’

by July 30, 2014

The Utah Jazz signed restricted free agent Gordon Hayward to a four-year, $63 million max contract this summer. The 24-year old swingman says he’s not feeling any extra pressure to live up to the big new deal; Hayward is more concerned about adding W’s to the win column. Per the Salt Lake Tribune:

As for the occupants of those seats in EnergySolutions Arena, Hayward also feels considerable responsibility to them. But that feeling has more to do with “25-57” than “$63 million.” He’s willing to be judged by the Jazz’s record going forward, but not necessarily by the numbers that follow the dollar sign.


“For me, I don’t think I have to live up to anything now,” he said. “They paid me what they wanted to pay me, and let’s go from there.”


“Oh, man. No pressure now,” Hayward said of his own game. “The pressure is trying to win. That’s the pressure.”