Gregg Popovich Doesn’t Expect Major Changes to Spurs

by May 02, 2011

Though understandably disappointed by how his team finished what was a dream season prior to the Playoffs, Gregg Popovich says not to expect too many changes in San Antonio heading into next year. From the Express-News: “[Tim] Duncan is entering the final year of his contract but has the option of forgoing the roughly $21.2 million he is owed to sign a longer-term deal at a lower starting price, as Richard Jefferson did last summer. That could give the Spurs a bit of financial wiggle room to chase free agents. ‘There will be some changes, but we never get drastic in that sense,’ Popovich said. ‘Somebody asked me yesterday, ‘We lost, do we blow it up’?? That’s the most preposterous attitude you can have.’ Whatever the offseason holds, winning 60 games again next season will be a tall order, and — in a Western Conference in which the eighth seed can beat the first — simply making the playoffs will be a chore. The apocalypse scenario for Spurs fans remains a lockout that erases the entire final year of Duncan’s deal, after which he could walk away for good. Duncan was in no mood to consider that possibility after Game 6. ‘I just lost a game,’ Duncan said. ‘I’m not even worried about any of that stuff.’ Between now and the tenuous start of the 2011-12 campaign, there will be time to think about roster overhauls, and time to debate the future and, maybe, to ponder the end of an era. Too much time, if you ask the Spurs.”