Gregg Popovich on Longer NBA Season: ‘I Will Not Come to Work in July’

by March 05, 2015

Increasingly, there’s been talk about possibly extending the NBA season past June, in an effort to allow players longer periods of rest between games.

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich has famously given his aging stars plenty of R&R time during the regular season, but when it comes to playing past June, Pop is strongly against the idea.

Popovich says he’ll already be on vacation if there are games still being played in July.

Per the Express-News:

“I think the season is long enough,” Popovich said. “I will not come to work in July. If there’s a game in July, count me out.”


Even a championship game? […] “Count me out. Count me out. Life is too short.”


“I’ve heard proposals about them moving The Finals past the Fourth of July,” commissioner Adam Silver said during the All-Star break, which has been fleshed out by several more days to give participating players a rest. “Generally the view has been in addition it just feels out of sync once you get into the summer historically those haven’t been viewed as the best television nights, once you get into July, and just in terms of households watching TV. [….] I will say maybe that’s something we should look at, too. If we’re truly going to take a fresh look at this, we have to examine what the appropriate time is to begin the season and when we should end it.”