Gregg Popovich Wants Courtside Fans to Stop Ordering Food and Drinks

by January 06, 2013

According to the San Antonio Spurs head coach, the NBA should police the activities of fans in the super-expensive seats during games, and help curb incidents like the one involving Stephen Jackson earlier this week. Jackson was injured after accidentally stepping on a waitress who was serving NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Per the Express-News: “Calling Thursday’s sideline incident at Madison Square Garden that led to forward Stephen Jackson’s right ankle sprain ‘a Mayoral mishap,’ Spurs coach Gregg Popovich called on the NBA to police activity along the league’s sidelines and baselines. ‘It’s maddening,’ Popovich said. ‘It’s an accident waiting to happen.’ Jackson sat out Saturday’s 109-86 home win over the 76ers, but Popovich said the injury to the 12-year veteran was not serious. ‘He’s 50-50 for New Orleans,’ the Spurs coach said regarding Monday’s game. Popovich expressed confidence the incident would spur the league to better control the sidelines during games. ‘After what happened, I have no doubt the league has contacted teams to make sure everybody shores up their discipline in that area,’ he said. ‘It’s obvious people shouldn’t be ordering beers or Cokes or hot dogs when the game is going on.'”