Gregg Popovich’s Home Was Burglarized

by April 07, 2013

Who would possibly mess with Pop? According to the San Antonio Express-News, Gregg Popovich’s home was burglarized, and the Spurs head coach’s Air Force Academy class ring was stolen: “A recent bump in burglaries in The Dominion, including one at the home of Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, whose Air Force Academy class ring was stolen, has some residents on alert and the homeowners association working with police to find the culprits. According to police data, since the start of the year there have been 11 burglaries and four thefts in the enclave known for its high-profile residents, pricey homes and tight security. … A person doing rounds checked on the house and saw an open gate, which was suspicious, a police report said. Inside the gate a glass door was broken, the report said. One room was ransacked, the report said. Aside from the coach’s ring, a diamond bracelet also was stolen. Popovich declined to comment.”

(H/T: The Big Lead)