Grizzlies No Longer Allowed to Gamble on Team Plane

One little scrap at 30,000 feet, and the Grizz have shut all that gambling fun down. Haters. The Commercial Appeal reports: “Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins has banned gambling on team flights following a physical altercation between O.J. Mayo and Tony Allen over an unpaid debt in a card game. The fight happened Monday on the team’s chartered plane from Los Angeles to Memphis, and Hollins said he immediately informed the team that betting would no longer be allowed. ‘We’re in a confined airplane, and things get heated. I’m done with it. No more gambling,’ Hollins said. ‘I told my guys if they read a book, that would be good. They have to entertain themselves in a different manner.’ Hollins said Mayo and Allen weren’t disciplined by the team, and he preferred to treat the incident like he would a blowup during practice. The players received a lecture, apologized to each other and insisted the altercation was behind them. The Griz will now punish players even if they are caught gambling in their hotel rooms while on road trips, Hollins said. The no-gambling policy will be added to the team’s list of rules that are punishable by fines.”