Grizzlies Willing to Match Rockets’ $55 Million Offer for Marc Gasol

Memphis Grizzlies owner Michael Heisely has always insisted that a team would have to pry Marc Gasol from his cold, dead hands. The Houston Rockets will try, but Heisley maintains that he’ll match (and even top) their offer for Gasol. Per the Commercial Appeal: “The Houston Rockets are preparing a maximum-contract offer sheet worth $55 million over four years for Memphis Grizzlies center Marc Gasol, according to several media reports. Griz owner Michael Heisley expressed his reluctance to negotiate Gasol’s contract in the media Sunday afternoon so he responded with an economy of words. ‘We’d match that,’ said Heisley, who would have three days to make good on his word under NBA rules. Gasol’s position as a restricted free agent seemed to take a strange turn Sunday except for this: The 7-footer hasn’t signed Houston’s reported offer sheet and there are no indications that he will. Griz management seemed genuinely puzzled. Heisley said the Griz already offered Gasol a five-year deal that is worth more than Houston’s reported offer sheet. The Grizzlies’ proposed deal is also said to be worth more than any other team can offer under the league’s new collective bargaining agreement. A maximum contract for Gasol starts at $12.9 million for the Griz or any team. However, Memphis can give Gasol 7.5percent raises and five years while other teams can only offer 4.5percent raises over a maximum of four years. The Grizzlies can pay Gasol a four-year maximum contract worth $58 million. A five-year maximum deal would be worth $75million from the Grizzlies.”