Harrington is still a Hawk

By Sam Rubenstein

ArnYou know, it’s fun to laugh and point at NBA GMs when they make stupid trades. Whether it’s Isiah, Billy King, Kevin McHale, or whomever. But at least when those guys make a trade, it actually happens. I know Lang will have something to say about this later, but the Hawks don’t seem to be able to complete the trade process. This is two summers in a row now with the Hawks sort of making a trade but kind of not really and then oh yeah they made that trade but things got way too complicated. Al Harrington is still a Hawk, I think. He’s firing his agent and taking on superagent Arn Tellem, and True Hoop talks about here as reported by the AJC’s Sekou Smith. Interesting how last summer’s sign and trade was in an effort to get a star forwhat were thought to be spare parts, and this summer is getting back spare parts for what should have been a star, and in both cases it’s dragged on forever. Oh you wacky Hawks.

Also the Mighty MJD poses some interesting questions about the Magloire trade.