Hassan Whiteside Fed Up With ‘Gimmick’ All-Star Voting

by January 14, 2017
hassan whiteside joel embiid

Despite leading the League in rebounding and averaging a career-best 17.6 ppg, Heat center Hassan Whiteside didn’t even crack the top 10 among East frontcourt players in the latest All-Star voting returns.

When asked about the results, Whiteside said the All-Star voting process is “more so a gimmick,” and that players “make jokes on Twitter to get people to vote for them.”

The assumed Twitter-campaigning jokester is 76ers big man Joel Embiid, who fans love not only for having an All-Star-caliber season, but for the simple fact that he’s hilarious.

When Embiid caught word of the Whiteside’s criticisms, he good-naturedly tweeted “Hassan Whiteside #NBAVote”. Touché!

From the Sun Sentinel:

As of now, Whiteside is done with the All-Star selection process. Growing up, he felt it was the ultimate honor but now views it as nothing more than popularity contest.


“It’s more so a gimmick,” Whiteside said. “I look at guys and they just do stuff to win the fans over, make jokes on Twitter to get people to vote for them. It ain’t got nothing to do really with talent.”

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