Hawks to Make a Decision on Mike Woodson Soon

by May 12, 2010

Woodson’s fate hangs in the balance, and I’d venture to guess that not too many people like his chances of staying on as the head coach of the Atlanta Hawks: “It’s Hawks general manager Rick Sund’s style to take his time with big decisions, so not even co-owner Michael Gearon Jr. could say if Sund will seek to retain coach Mike Woodson. Woodson’s contract expires Monday. Sund, who didn’t return a message Tuesday, was expected to take a day or two to mull the decision. ‘He’s not reactionary, and that’s why he’s had success,’ Gearon said at Philips Arena on Tuesday, the day after the Magic completed a 4-0 sweep in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Gearon and the rest of the Atlanta Spirit ownership group will go with Sund’s suggestion, but judging by Gearon’s comments, the co-owner has some misgivings about Woodson’s performance. Gearon said the Hawks’ offense too often stagnated because of poor ball movement. He said he also thinks rookie point guard Jeff Teague should have played more minutes this season and veterans Joe Smith and Jason Collins should have played bigger roles in the Orlando series. The Magic set an NBA record with a combined winning margin of 101 points in the four games. ‘I thought we kind of looked like a deer in headlights,’ Gearon said.”