Heartbroken Bulls Owner Says Derrick Rose Will Make Full Recovery

by November 26, 2013

Jerry Reinsdorf was crushed when Derrick Rose went down for the season with yet another devastating knee injury. Rose is expected to make a full recovery following surgery to repair a torn meniscus, but the Bulls’ future is anything but clear. From the team website: “Like Bulls fans everywhere, I was heartbroken when I heard of Derrick’s injury. We are happy to know that, according to his doctors, his surgery was successful, and in time, Derrick is expected to make a full recovery. Everyone at the Bulls knows firsthand how extremely hard Derrick worked to return to the court this year, and I have no doubt he will do the same with regards to his recovery from this injury. Despite Derrick’s absence, this is still a good team. I know from last year, this team and coaching staff will continue to make our fans proud.’ […] GM Gar Forman: ‘This was the best procedure for Derrick’s long-term health. That is our primary concern. Whatever is best for Derrick in the long term as a 25-year-old athlete was our first thought. And what’s best for Derrick is best for the franchise. He’s still young, has a very long career ahead of him and there’s no reason after talking to the surgeons Derrick will not return 100 percent. This particular option gave him the best chance for long-term success.’ […] How is Derrick doing with all this? He must be devastated to go through surgery again so soon. Forman: ‘Obviously, our first thoughts were with Derrick and his family. When it happened, obviously, he was very, very down. But he’s an amazingly resilient and positive person. I don’t want to speak for him, but he seems to be doing well. He really is a remarkable young man.’ […] But given you probably cannot win a title this season, why not make changes for the future? Forman: ‘It’s obviously too soon to go down that road. Derrick had surgery this morning. Look, we are always evaluating our team, just like everyone else does. We felt good about this season, but we were hardly perfect. So we always are looking to get better. Everything we do is geared toward winning a championship and we will continue to evaluate any moves that will help us in attaining that goal.’ […] But can you trust Rose now after these injuries? Forman: ‘We see no reason not to. That’s what the best doctors in the world tell us. His left knee is strong, as everyone has seen, and his right knee will be strong as any doctor will tell you after this surgery. We’ve seen with many current All-Stars go through the same procedure.'”