Heat Head To Haiti, Lend Helping Hand

Michael Wallace has the story, once again proving that NBA personnel do care about something other than themselves: “Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and former players Alonzo Mourning and Tim Hardaway led a contingent of 40 volunteers and relief workers who traveled to Haiti to deliver supplies. The Heat also donated $25,000 to help UM’s Project Medishare fund the renovation and construction of an Intensive Care Unit at one of the only functioning hospitals currently operating in Haiti. The weekend visit to Haiti was the latest in a number of philanthropic steps by the Heat in support of the recovery efforts to restore the island. ‘People may have forgotten some of the things that are still going on there,’ Mourning said. ‘So this is a reminder that, hey, we still need to do a lot of things there to help support the infrastructure there.’ Mourning has made several trips to Haiti since the earthquake and partnered with Heat guard Dwyane Wade to help raise $1 million from pro athletes to aid the recovery.