Hedo Turkoglu Returns to Orlando

by December 16, 2009

Even though he left the team this summer for greener pastures via free agency, everyone expects the fans in Orlando to give Hedo a nice hand tonight: “Toronto Raptors SF Hedo Turkoglu returns for the first time tonight to Orlando, the place he called his basketball home for five seasons. Turkoglu received a five-year, $50 million deal with the Raptors, too steep a price that the Magic were willing to pay the free agent. His former coach and teammates expect he will receive a nice ovation. ‘I think he should,’ SG J.J. Redick said. ‘As a fan, you want players to be loyal. As a player, you have to look out for your family and you realize you have a short window and it’s business. I think Turk wanted to be here. But he made a business decision. He was great for our team the last couple years. I think he deserves an ovation. He doesn’t deserve boos.”‘