Help Team SLAM Play in The Basketball Tournament (and You Could Win Some Money, Too)

by May 21, 2015

You might have heard about The Basketball Tournament, an annual hoops tourney that anyone can enter, with the winning squad taking home a cool $1 million. (Last year the prize was $500,00.) The first rounds of this year’s tournament will be taking place in four different locations across the country in mid-July, with two more rounds in Chicago in late July and then the semis and finals in New York City on August 1 and 2. (The finals will be aired live on ESPN.)

This year, though—unlike last year—we’re in it. Our team, assembled by SLAM friend Ross Burns, features Josh Boone, Nate Brown, Justin Burrell, Donnie McGrath, Erik Murphy, Matt Walsh and Bryant Dunston—all guys with very legitimate NBA or overseas pro experience. Ross’ group came in second last year, putting us in solid position to take the top spot this August.

We’ll have plenty more coverage centered around our team and those on it in the coming weeks, but for now, we need some help; in order to qualify for the tournament, we need to be voted into the tournament by the general public. So here’s how you can help: Go here and sign up for an account (it’s super simple), and where it says “Team,” write in SLAM and select the option that just says “SLAM.” (Not Los Angeles Slam; just SLAM.) By doing so, not only are you helping us get into the tournament, but you’re also signing up to potentially earn some money if we win—if you recruit nobody, at the least you’re entered to win a free t-shirt, but if you recruit just a couple of your friends to join and become SLAM fans, you could be eligible to win $250, $500, $1,000 or even $5,000, depending on how many people you recruit. (The specifics of that are broken down here.)

So, yeah: Sign up here, become a “fan” of Team SLAM, follow along as our squad competes in the tournament this July/August, and maybe win some money. Good deal, eh?