Here Comes Monta

by Marcel Mutoni

Herein lies the genius of one Don Nelson: Instead of pigeonholing his players into confined roles or trying to impose a certain system on them, the Bud Light-loving coach lets his players figure out their own strengths, and he adapts to them instead of the other way around.

If this entails playing Al Harrington at the center position (which, believe it or not, happened last season), then so be it.

Let’s take a look at Monta Ellis’s role on the team. By now, Nelson has seen what he can do with the rock (all one has to do really, is look at his performance against Nash and the Suns on Monday night) and he’s decided to let the kid – who’s in a contract year – run wild.

“He’s a scorer and I have to understand that,” the Warriors’ coach said after Tuesday’s light practice. “I’m not going to make him John Stockton or something like that. He has to be who he is, and we want to always enhance his skill, which is the jump shot, quickness and rest of it.”

And this, friends, is why the Warriors are the most enjoyable team to watch in the Association.