How Long Will Kobe Sit?

by February 08, 2010

There are indications that Saturday night’s decision to sit out may be the start of a short little break for the injury-riddled Bryant:  “It’s a surprise Bryant has lasted this long, with a broken finger and an ankle injury that he aggravated Wednesday. He has played through those injuries, as well as back spasms and a strained elbow, with varying degrees of effectiveness. ‘He needed that day,’ Ron Artest said. ‘He’s been working really, really hard, playing through a lot of injuries. Even if he’s healthy, he needed a day off. He’s the only player in the NBA that’s playing through every injury. Everybody else is taking the time off.’ [Phil] Jackson hinted that Bryant might extend this break. ‘We have an opportunity here with two games before the All-Star break, and there’s some time there if he does need to take a longer time,’ he said. ‘We’re trying to give him the liberty to do that.”‘