How Toronto Charmed Turkoglu and Wife

by July 06, 2009

For Hedo and the missus, the T.Dot proved to be a much better option than Portland: “Hedo Turkoglu and his wife, Banu, who grew up high school sweethearts in their native Istanbul, should arrive here this week to officially sign a five-year contract worth about $53 million (U.S.) and – in a departure from the norm – it wasn’t the money that attracted them. It was the city and what it had to offer. According to sources, Banu Turkoglu, who gave birth to the couple’s first daughter earlier this year, is wildly enthusiastic about the significant Turkish population here. The couple appreciates the European flavour of the city and decided lifestyle concerns were enough to opt for the move. ‘It’s a uniquely cosmopolitan and international community and it suits him and his family best,’ Turkoglu’s agent, Lon Babby, said in a conference call last night. ‘The comfort level was just best in Toronto.”