If Nets Land John Wall; Trade Devin Harris?

by March 18, 2010

Magic Johnson doesn’t think the two would work well together, and tells the Star-Ledger that New Jersey would be wise to trade Devin Harris: “Q. If they get that top pick, we assume you consider John Wall a franchise-maker? MAGIC: ‘Yeah, he’s special. Not only on the court, but off the court as well. He’s one of those guys who’s got ‘it.’ I went down to Kentucky to watch him recently, and he’s just amazing. He’ll have instant impact.’ Q. But will it work pairing him with Devin Harris? MAGIC: ‘I’m not sure. If you’ve got John, you’ve got to give him the reins and build the team around him. And Devin now, it’s kind of hard for him to be from winning and experience this. No question about it, he’s still a special player. But if you have Wall, you’ve got to give him the ball.’ Q. Sounds like you’re skeptical about them playing together. MAGIC: ‘Well, you probably have to think about trading Devin, because he can bring in something good. He’s a good piece, but if you’ve got to sell tickets and build around a younger guy, you can bring in a nice piece for Devin. Maybe you try playing them together, and he can be a mentor for a while. But you can’t take the No. 1 guy — a franchise guy — and not start him.”’