Shump at Work

by September 02, 2011

by Quinn Peterson / @QwinFNP

The NBA Lockout, at it’s core, affects all players the same, from LeBron to Brian Scalabrine: no games, training camps or practices, no use of team facilities, no NBA-affiliated events or appearances, etc. How that time off is spent is completely subjective, though.

Some have used the time to rest, while others have entertained opportunities abroad or in other lines of business. Kevin Durant and many others, of course, have taken to the streets, summer leagues and pro-ams.

Still others opt to lock themselves in a gym, and refuse to come to out until sufficient labor has been put in.

New York Knicks six-foot-five rookie combo-guard Iman Shumpert is one of those guys.

The former Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket (and high school teammate of mine) has been in the gym putting in work like Black Thought and Wale, using the lockout to do what he probably would have done anyway — get better.

A product of the times, he’s used Twitter, Blogspot and viral sensation to help blast the message: #EndTheLockout. And etch him in for the dunk contest while you’re at it…(Oh, and put him on your favorite rapper’s next mixtape, ’cause he’s got bars, too. Ask DJ Whoo Kidd).

Says Shump:

Told you all I would try and keep you up to date and that’s what I’m doing as we survive this lockout. Right now I’m still down at IMG Academy working out under the direction of Dan Barto.

Lately I’ve been in the gym working out and after the 2 hours of work I always try and new dunk and post it to youtube….I think I’m going to make 7 videos to fill up a week of videos. All music done in the background will be music that I’ve recorded myself along with recording artist @PhlyyB….I show a little more every week….

A Week At Work 1…

A Week At Work 2…

End the lockout, indeed!