IOC Denies Application to Include 3-on-3 Basketball in 2016 Olympics

by August 11, 2013

It would’ve been fun to watch, but 3-on-3 basketball will not be featured during the Olympic Games anytime soon. Sorry, FIBA. Per USA Today (via PBT): “Despite a strong push and official application from FIBA, 3-on-3 basketball will not be part of the program at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro the International Olympic Committee decided in a quiet ruling last month. In a statement the IOC’s executive board said that any ‘any request from International Federations (IFs) that would result in a higher number of athletes or increased number of medals, thereby adding to the cost and complexity of the Games, would not be considered. At a later stage, the IOC will study the quota-neutral requests already made by IFs for either a swap of event or modifications of competition format.’ In another ruling, the IOC declined FIBA’s request to increase the number of basketball teams in the Olympics from 12 to 16. The intent was to add more teams but limit the number of games played. Instead of two groups of six with five preliminary round games, FIBA wanted four groups of four with three preliminary games.”