Is Charlotte a Potential Destination for Chris Paul?

It’s highly unlikely — the Charlotte Observer admits this much — but the paper has sources within the org whispering that it’s not an entirely crazy idea: “It’s unlikely. It’s undoubtedly problematic. But it’s more than some message-board fantasy if the Bobcats are willing to make a bunch of hard choices that just might test the patience of anyone who has bought a single-game ticket to watch this team play. Gerald Wallace? Gone. First-round picks? Gone. (Not that they’ve drafted particularly well.) And in the short run, anyway, Bobcats owner Michael Jordan better hope those ‘Jumpman’ sneakers stay popular, because he’ll need the royalty fees: The bills will pile up. But it’s doable, and I’m told it’s a twinkle in the eyes of this team’s decision-makers. There are a handful of places Paul would want to relocate in a trade, and Charlotte – near his suburban Winston-Salem home and possessing a Hall-of-Fame coach – should be among the viable candidates. Paul is wondering whether he’ll ever win in New Orleans. A good man, GM Jeff Bower, lost his job over this. At some point (if he hadn’t already) Paul is likely to walk into the corporate offices and spell it out that he needs a change. He figures to have a short list of alternatives. I suspect the Bobcats will be included.”