Is Jerry Sloan Interested in Coaching the Milwaukee Bucks?

Jerry Sloan has let it be known that he’s looking to get back into NBA coaching, and according to the Journal Times, Milwaukee could be a place that may have drawing power for the legendary bench boss. Per the Deseret News: “Hall of Fame coach Jerry Sloan is seriously considering a return to coaching, according to Gery Woelfel of the Journal Times. Woelfel gave a phone interview with WSSP 1250 sports radio in Milwaukee about the possibility that Sloan could coach the Bucks next seasons. ‘I talked to a couple of friends of Jerry Sloan’s within the past couple of days, he definitely wants to return to coaching, and the other interesting facet is that he wants to coach in the small markets, one similar to Utah, so I think Milwaukee qualifies as that kind of environment,’ he said in the interview. […] Last year, Sloan turned down an offers from the Portland Trailblazers and interviewed with the Charlotte Bobcats before taking himself out of the running. Sloan told Fox Sports Florida on Thursday, that he would be open to returning to the NBA. ‘Yeah, probably, if I thought it would be the right situation,’ he said. He did say however, that he hasn’t heard from any teams directly.”