Isaiah Thomas: ‘It Ain’t a Highlight Reel Until Someone’s Ankles Get Broken’

by September 22, 2015

Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas is one of the most electrifying little guys in the League, due in large part to his crazy handles. Today, on The Players Tribune, Thomas took some time out to break down the best ballhandlers in the NBA today—like Jamal Crawford, Steph Curry and James Harden. But in his intro, he also pointed out that while dunks are dope, it “ain’t a highlight reel” until someone gets crossed up. Here’s what IT says:

Throwing down a monster dunk, swatting somebody’s shot or beating the buzzer is usually a pretty good way to make it into the SportCenter Top 10. But let’s be real: It ain’t a highlight reel until someone’s ankles get broken.

Don’t worry, he included himself on the list of the best handles in the L:

Lucky for me, it’s hard to guard small guys. That gives me an advantage on my ball handling, and also because I’m able to change direction faster than a lot of guys. So with me, a straight crossover usually gives me the space and separation I need to get my shot off or make a play.


But I also have another move I go to when I know I need separation or I need to create a lane to the basket. It’s just a right hesitation, like a fake spin, and it usually gets me to where I want to go.

Zeke knows what he’s talking about. The proof is in mind-blowing highlight reels like this one: